Saving Money Where You Can

One of the largest expenses in the operation of any building is the cost of running the energy-consuming systems and equipment.  As buildings and equipment age, and building functions  change over time, the efficiency of those systems generally degrade; resulting in increased energy costs and decreased comfort.  When performing Retro-Commissioning, EFP’s primary goals are to return buildings to their most efficient and effective level of functioning, improve indoor environments and minimize operating costs.

Most common Savings opportunities

Equipment Scheduling – turning equipment off when it is not needed or changing operations to take advantage of rate structure or other cost factors for over 50% of the available savings.
Repairs – Restoring systems and their components to correct operation
Programming – Changing the sequence of operation to take advantage of variable loads and changing occupancy schedules.
Other – Reducing volume/ quantity/ losses when possible (example: de-lamping, changing air flow, rewiring)


  • City of Natick Fire Station
  • City of Natick Library
  • City of Natick Recreational Center
  • Hanover Middle School
  • Cedar Elementary School