Solar Power

How could your ministry be saving money?

When we partner with a Churches, Colleges, Seminaries or Non Profits locally or globally, we evaluate your energy needs holistically. Not only will we focus on electricity, but also take into account all aspects of the facility and its needs. A proposal will be provided on how best to reduce the increasing utility bills. Therefore, allowing the recipient freedom and flexibility while managing their financial costs and budget in partnership with Solar.

How Solar PV/Solar Thermal Work
It is said that the earth’s land, ocean, and atmosphere absorb more solar energy in ONE HOUR than the WORLD will use in ONE YEAR. To say that solar energy is abundant is an understatement.

How does solar work?
It depends on what type of solar application you are discussing. A very simplified explanation of Photovoltaics (Solar PV) is: Photovotaics are made up of primarily tiny wafers and use photons from light to dislodge electrons in the wafers. As they seek the path of least resistance, these electrons gather in mass and produce electricity. The path of least resistance will be through a load.

We leverage tax credits, sales tax exemptions, grants/rebates, and more as a means to bring a very affordable (in many cases 5-7 year payback) to the client.  Our heart and purpose is to fund holistic development in partnership with the local church and whole Gospel.  We leverage solar to empower change.  Not only are we working in parts of the US, but have pursued many projects globally (Africa and India).  When we work globally we do it in partnership with the local church using local labor and local products as a means to promote development.

We are partnering with an NGO in Kochi, India leveraging Solar as a means to engage the unreached, empower holistic development and more.

Missio Dei Church
South Mountain Church
Intermountain Christian School
Risen Life Church
Southeast Christian Church