Energy Studies and Analysis

Saving Money Where You Can

The second biggest budget item in most facilities is the cost to run the building (utility & maintenance cost).  According to the EPA up to 30% of the energy we use is wasted.  The idea of capturing these savings, through energy conservation services, is attractive in many ways, as the savings can be poured back into other budgets.  Once an organization is convinced of energy management, the first place to start is with an energy study (more in-depth when compared to an energy audit).  The goal of any study is not an end, but rather a beginning, and should be focused on uncovering ALL energy use practices.  Imagine how 30% energy savings could empower missions & environment.

Typical energy audits will uncover mostly capital expense opportunities such as HVAC, Lighting, Insulation and more.  However, the largest factor on energy use is not Lighting, HVAC, or Building Envelope, rather the largest factor is Behavior.  We focus our customized studies on regaining energy sustainability through behavior strategies as well as capital expense.

Our energy studies are much more in-depth then a typical energy audit and work with the client to recapture energy use through no cost, low cost and capital expense opportunities.  We will then prioritize our recommendations into a 5-year masterplan.  We average 20% energy & maintenance reduction, and have performed over 5,000 energy studies.

A Quick Look at our process includes all of the below: